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About Me

Hi, I’m Josh and I make things out of metal. I’ve always had an interest in creating things, but I never really figured out what to do with that impulse until I slowly started to discover metal working in maybe 2006 or 2007. I guess I was looking up stuff about ninjas on the internet, and I somehow stumbled upon instructions for making chainmail, and something sort of clicked in my brain.

People make armour. So that started me down the long road of learning about medieval armour, and how to make it. Since then, my work has branched out and it now covers all sorts of things in the realms of Art and Craft. My interest in craft is strongly rooted in history. In my armour work, I try to reproduce historical pieces as faithfully as possible. My blacksmithing practice is less focused on reproducing specific historical pieces, although that is always on the table, but it is of course centred around historical tools and techniques. I certainly don’t shun modern conveniences like arc welders, propane and electric grinders, but I always enjoy doing things the old fashioned way when it’s appropriate.

My education has been mostly self directed. A lot of what I know has been learned through a haphazard mix of internet research, trips to the library and lots of trial and error. On top of that, I do have some formal education. I’ve got a couple 1 year college certificates in art, and I spent 2 years working on a BFA. I figure dropping out of art school should give me more street cred than graduating anyway.